Welcome to Sport Rosaries LLC
the Original  since 2001

About Us

Sport Rosaries is a family owned and operated small business.
We (grandparents, parents, children and now grandchildren)string and bead the rosaries.
 My husband hand makes each wooden cross.

We started up in February of 2001.
When I started I was the only Sport Rosary on the internet.
Now, if you to a search there are lots.

I love to see how the concept has grown.
I was inspired by my youngest son"mom if you made rosaries out of these baseball beads maybe I would pray one."

I pray that parents and family members are purchasing them so they pray together as a family.

Prayer is needed around the world for our childern and world peace.

From Father Bernard Reiser:
Epiphany Church, MN
“What a marvelous way to put rosaries back into children’s hands.

From Father Tom Wilson:
Archdiocese, MN
“Cool, I like the Basketball one. People are going to love these- what a great way to get people to use rosaries!”

A mom call in from New Jersey wanted to thank us:     
“My 13-year-old son took it to bed with him-he hid it under the covers as I peaked in to say good night. If while he holds it, he falls asleep thinking of God- it will have served a great purpose.

From Brainerd, MN :
“Your Sports Rosaries are a wonderful inspiration from our Lord God-both my two year-old and my 15 yr. old sons love them!”